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Roller Bearing - Nine times WRC Champions

Following on from our success with Prodrive Subaru and Citroen Sport in the World Rally Championships, EXE-TC are now producing NEW Roller Bearing systems which includes 3 or 4-way adjustable dampers, along with the innovative low friction roller bearing system.

The combination of a highly processed twin tube, along with a full complement of roller bearing cages, results in the lowest friction strut available. This improves steering feedback and reduces tyre loads.

Other major attributes are the double piston giving both velocity and position sensitive damping; compression adjustment giving seamless transition between low and high speed damping; instant action rebound valves ensure the tyre is always in contact with the road.

With nine World Rally Championship titles to our name between 2001 and 2010, our suspension has proven its performance time and time again.

Sliding Bush

Developed as a replacement for our Group N/R4 systems, our new double acting linear guiding system reduces initial friction, which avoids load build up on the face of the tyre. This system has the advantage of reduced friction over conventional twin tube dampers, but is not limited by FIA regulations.

Warranty and Service information

For information about the warranty and service that we supply with our products, read the linked document

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World Rally Champions: Citroen Sport 2003 - 2010 | Subaru 2001 |

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