Porsche 911 - Classic, Historic & Safari

Precise Hydraulic Damping

Low seal friction together with high flow hydraulics has given us a damping system that dissipates energy from the first millimeter of movement.

Our dampers use the largest diameter damper possible, allowing for powerful low speed damping.

Rebound Control

Rebound hydraulics give instant wheel release/drop out, but still retains control over the tyre movement.

Adjustment is coupled to a temperature control valve to ensure consistency throughout the entire damping range, even through the toughest of conditions.



All our new Porsche struts feature new forged uprights (unless specified or requested). We are also able to adapt donor uprights if necessary.


Struts are available in two different configurations:

- Inverted damper and outer tube guidance system

Allows for greater strength and reliability.

- Non-inverted ‘mono-tube’ design

Features an Aluminium cover to protect the damper spindle. For competition use


Mono-tube / single tube design.

Available with metal or rubber guard for spindle.

Porsche 911 LWB ('69 to '89)

- Road

- Circuit

- Gravel Rally

- Tarmac Rally

- Safari (upon request from Tuthill Porsche)

Porsche 911 SWB ('63 to '69)

- Circuit

Further models available on request

For later Porsche models, see here


Typically 1-way adjustable:

- Rebound

and compression in some models

Mounting & Installation

Our suspension for the 911 in a direct replacement for the OE setup. Being built to order, we do have a variety of options available to better suit your build if necessary.

Spring/Torsion Bar Configuration


Depending on the setup and application, our suspension uses either the original torsion bar set up or a combination of torsion bar / coilover springs. Specification of torsion bars can be provided, and evaluation of coilover fitment may need to take place before confirming your order.

Spring Advantage


Softer spring/torsion bar rates enhance the mechanical grip and increase tyre life. The sensitive damping controls the chassis and tyre movement, ultimately resulting in greater driver confidence through a stronger feeling for the track.

On some models, progressive springs are available. This gives a softer spring rate at ride height, which is then compensated for with a harder rate as the spring compresses.

Overall this gives the opportunity for stronger compression damping without the unloading effect of a high spring rate, this allows us to use less rebound damping which keeps the wheel on the road for longer.


Chassis Set Up


When you purchase suspension from us we supply a complete chassis set up with recommendations for toe, camber, castor, ride height, spring rate and damper setting.


You are also free to contact us about set-up changes for varying conditions in different parts of the world.

Full suspension systems from £3,720

Please contact us for a formal quotation

Price excluding local taxes, VAT and shipping. Delivery time typically 4 weeks, and up to 10 weeks dependant on specification.

General Maintenance and Inspection

For a general overview of how to maintain your suspension, click here

Terms & Conditions

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Enquiries & Ordering

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