Porsche - Modern & Water Cooled

Softer progressive springs

Custom rate springs manufactured to EXE-TC’s specification. The use of this type of spring allows for less rebound damping control, enhancing mechanical grip, increase tyre life and produces a smoother ride. The sensitive damping controls the chassis and tyre movement, ultimately resulting in greater driver confidence through a stronger feeling for the track.

Top mounts

All our sets for modern Porsche include top mounts front and rear, each with a bespoke aluminium housing and mounting plate and steel spherical bearing. Front top mounts are adjustable, allowing for adjustment of both caster and camber. Rubber spacers are available to reduce vibration to the chassis.

Coating and protection

We know, from our many years experience in the World Rally Championship, that our suspension has to first and foremost, be reliable. We achieve this by continually pursuing the latest technology in surface treatments and coatings, ultimately producing a product that will maintain its functionality and performance. We carry this philosophy throughout our entire range of products.

Bespoke orders and setup

With a team of design engineers on-site, along with a full CNC machine shop, we can offer bespoke designs manufactured in-house. Set up and damper characteristics can also be altered to suit your needs. Contact one of our engineers to further discuss your specific requirements.

EXE-TC and the 911 platform

For over a decade EXE-TC has taken pride in providing the best suspension for both the classic and modern Porsche platforms. Working closely with many high profile teams and engineers on events around the world, we have developed an exceptionally strong range of products for the 911. Each new design is rigorously tested to the limits to ensure the highest levels of durability and performance.

Models available

We are able to manufacture suspension for nearly all modern 911's, from the 964 to the 991, for both 2WD and 4WD variants, including Cup cars. Each is tailored to the customers exact specification, from daily road use to hard gravel and off-road use. Contact us today to speak to one of our engineers about the various options that we have available.

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911 Models

- Road

- Tarmac Rally

- 'Safari' (available upon request)

996 & 997 - 2WD models (C2, GT3 etc.)

- Road

- Circuit

- Tarmac Rally

996 & 997 - 4WD models (C4, Turbo etc.)

- Road

997 Cup - RGT Spec

- Tarmac Rally

- Irish Tarmac Rally

- Gravel Rally

991 Cup

- Circuit

- Tarmac Rally

Further models available on request

For earlier 911 models, see here

Other Models
987 & 981 Cayman

- Road

- Tarmac Rally


Typically 3-way adjustable:

- High Speed Compression

- Low Speed Compression

- Rebound

and hydraulic bump stop in some models

Precise Hydraulic Damping

Low seal friction together with high flow hydraulics has given us a damping system that dissipates energy from the first millimeter of movement.

Our dampers use the largest diameter damper possible, allowing for powerful low speed damping.


Front Suspension

996/997 front struts feature a unique inverted guidance system to take advantage of the increased damping piston diameter. This reduces breakaway forces, resulting in a better feel and compliance.

Rebound hydraulics

Give instant wheel release/drop out while still retaining control over the tyre movement. Adjustment is coupled to a temperature control valve to ensure consistency throughout the entire damping range, even through the toughest of conditions.


Mono-tube / single tube design.

Available with metal or rubber guard for spindle.

Full suspension systems from £3,795

Please contact us for a formal quotation

Price excluding local taxes, VAT and shipping. Delivery time typically 4 weeks, and up to 10 weeks dependant on specification.

General Maintenance and Inspection

For a general overview of how to maintain your suspension, click here

Terms & Conditions

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Enquiries & Ordering

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