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1-2 for EXE-TC with L'Estage and Djordjevic in the CRC

After both suffering an unfortunate result from last round, Antoine L'Estage/Darren Garrod, and Boris Djordjevic/Cameron Tunstall needed to deliver a good result in the most recent round of the Canadian Rally Championship.

Previously L'Estage has finished every Pacific Forest Rally he has entered (12 in total, winning 9 of them!). This year might possibly be the best one yet, with him winning every stage outright to take the win comfortably.

The win means that L'Estage/Garrod are now only one point off first place in the championship with two rounds to go.

Boris Djordjevic and Cameron Tuntall also showed a very impressive performance. Problems with a water hose on the car saw them limp to service on the first day, but this turned around on the second day with them taking second in each stage from then on, securing their second place and providing some valuable points.

Another point to add is that Djordjevic is using L'Estage's CRC winning car from 2 years ago. Both cars run EXE-TC suspension.

A huge congratulations from everyone here, and we can wait for the next round in late November for the Rally of the Tall Pines; definitely one to look out for!

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