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Special F-type rally takes to the stages

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Today saw the launch (quite literally) of another unique project fitted with bespoke EXE-TC suspension.

This rally edition of the Jaguar F-Type is part of the 70 year anniversary of the XK120, a car that was used for rallies in the early 50's by Ian Appleyard, and his wife Pat, who went on to win the RAC Rally and the Alpine Rally on two separate occasions each.

Featuring a full FIA-spec roll cage, purpose rally wheels and tyres, and a stripped interior (but still with the open roof!), the car took to the stages at Walters Arena in Wales. See the launch video here:

Tested for Autocar magazine, reviews where overwhelmingly positive for the project, and the suspension as well....

"It was the performance of the suspension that really blew me away, though. The combination of body control and bump compliance, particularly given the rough and rocky surface beneath us, was astonishing. Why doesn’t every car have a set of EXE-TCs?..."

Read the full article here >>

The car features bespoke 3-way adjustable EXE-TC suspension, with remote reservoirs. Contact us today for more information.

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