Classic Porsche 911 Competition Suspension
  • Classic Porsche 911 Competition Suspension

    Front Strut

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    Springs & Torsion Bar specs

    All our sets either include springs, or the equivlant torsion bar specification (not supplied), designed to work in harmony with our dampers.


    Full setup information for our 'standard' systems. Tried and tested to achieve maximum performance right out of the box.

    Guides, templates & instructions

    We supply as much information to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

    Additional brackets & hardware

    Such as additional camber plates, bolts and adapter kits.

    Additional guidance

    When some problems can't be fixed with hardware, our engineers are happy to discuss finding a solution to your problem

    • Delivery

      4-6 Weeks from Order

    • Technical Specification

      Classic Porsche 911 models '69 - '89

      1-way adjustable:


      Brings unique handling capabilities to the classic 911 platform. Adjustment in damper allows for the system to be used in a range of builds.

      Uses original mounting points - NEW forged upright, for fitment to standard hub.

      Includes Setup Information.

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