Mitsubishi EVO Rally Suspension
  • Mitsubishi EVO Rally Suspension


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    All our sets include the correct spring, designed to work in harmony with our dampers. Alternatives are available - either due to vehicle or driver preference.


    Full setup information for our 'standard' systems. Tried and tested to achieve maximum performance right out of the box.

    Guides, templates & instructions

    We supply as much information to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

    Additional brackets & hardware

    Such as additional camber plates, bolts and adapter kits.

    Additional guidance

    When some problems can't be fixed with hardware, our engineers are happy to discuss finding a solution to your problem

    • Delivery

      6-8 Weeks from Order

    • Technical Specification

      Available for EVO VII-X and X

      4-way adjustable:

      (High and Low-speed compression, Rebound, Hydraulic Bump Stop)

      Available in Group N and R4 Specifications

      Either Gravel or Tarmac Specifications

      Available with Top Mounts or Ralliart Top Mount Adapters

      Includes Springs and Setup Information

    • Additional Information