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Precise Hydraulic Damping

Low seal friction together with high flow hydraulics has given us a damping system that dissipates energy from the first millimeter of movement.

Our dampers use a large diameter 45mm twin piston (unless specified), allowing for powerful low speed damping.

Piggyback reservoirs as standard.

Remote reservoir options available, depending on the design of vehicle.

Rebound Control

Available in all our dampers

Rebound hydraulics give instant wheel release/drop out, but still retains control over the tyre movement.

Adjustment is coupled to a temperature control valve to ensure consistency throughout the entire damping range, even through the toughest of conditions.


Compression Control

Available in 3 and 4-way dampers

Smooth interactive low and high speed compression adjustment, ensure consistency when optimising both higher and lower loads and forces.

'Low' and 'High' is the rate at which the rod and piston move into the damper.

  • Large/heavy inputs, typically result in high damper speed

(for example, landings/large impacts)

  • Small/light inputs, typically result in low damper speed

(for example, typical movement of unsprung mass)

High Load Control


Available in 4-way dampers

ESA (End Stroke Absorber) adjustment of a second damping piston adds position sensitivity to the damping range. This provides extra damping towards the end of the damping range, and gives greater support from high loads/landings.

This also allows the use of softer springs, and increases the usable stroke of the system.

Unlike traditional bump stop rubbers, with the ESA there is no recoil to unsettle the vehicle.

Sliding Bush Struts

Following our success with the Roller Bearing system, we now offer a solution for our struts as standard. The Sliding Bush guidance system brings the key performance advantages with an overall reduction in friction, as well as increased structural rigidity.

For more information, see here

The heart of EXE-TC is our reliable, high performing suspension for modern rally car platforms, all around the world.

Group N

- Subaru Impreza GD & GR (N8 - N14)

- Subaru Impreza GC

- Subaru Impreza VA (upon request)

- Mitsubishi EVO VII-X

- Mitsubishi EVO IV-VI (and earlier upon request)


- Subaru Impreza GR

- Mitsubishi EVO X

Both for use with aftermarket R4 kit. Contact for more information


Typically 4-way adjustable:

- High Speed Compression

- Low Speed Compression

- Rebound

- Hydraulic Bump Stop


Mono-tube / single tube design.

Available with metal or rubber guard for spindle.

Spring Advantage


Softer springs enhance the mechanical grip and increase tyre life.

The sensitive damping controls the chassis and tyre movement, ultimately resulting in greater driver confidence through a stronger feeling for the track.

Independent spring movement and rotation allows for reduced bending loads caused by the spring itself.

On some models, progressive springs are available. This gives a softer spring rate at ride height, which is then compensated for with a harder rate as the spring compresses.

Overall this gives the opportunity for stronger compression damping without the unloading effect of a high spring rate, this allows us to use less rebound damping which keeps the wheel on the road for longer.

Chassis Set Up

When you purchase suspension from us we supply a complete chassis set up with recommendations for toe, camber, castor, ride height, spring rate and damper setting.


You are also free to contact us about set-up changes for varying conditions in different parts of the world.

Top Mounts


We offer adjustable and non-adjustable top mounts for most of our range. These carry uprated spherical steel bearings and allow for a more precise and direct contact between the damper and the chassis.

Full suspension systems from £6,495

Please contact us for a formal quotation

Price excluding local taxes, VAT and shipping. Delivery time typically 6 weeks, and up to 10 weeks dependant on specification.

General Maintenance and Inspection

For a general overview of how to maintain your suspension, click here

Terms & Conditions

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Enquiries & Ordering

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