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EXE-TC’s philosophy is based on two basic principles:


- Driver confidence, through improved chassis balance

- Unlocking the full potential of the tyres, maximising mechanical grip


Performance Philosophy

The most significant gain in a vehicle’s lap time comes from suspension and tyre control


On the racetrack, approximately 80% of lap time is spent entering and exiting corners.


EXE-TC’s unique approach to, and experience of, vehicle dynamics produces chassis and suspension components which maximise mechanical grip, and allow for greater comfort and stability.


On-site engineers consult with you on any designs and alterations you need from a simple re-design of a mounting point to a full-bespoke system.


Many production processes are undertaken on-site, with full CNC and welding facilities. This reduces production time and allows for changes not possible with standard components.


We test the performance all designs in-house, including the use of our damper dynamometer. We relay this valuable information to you, providing real-time problem solving.


Origins of EXE-TC

Founded in 1994, by Graham Gleeson, EXE-TC is a consultancy and manufacturing firm based in the United Kingdom. Its sole focus is on producing the best chassis and suspension products. Graham developed an enviable reputation amongst motorsport engineers for his intuitive and unconventional approach to car set up. Graham was one of the first motorsport suspension engineers to persuade many teams, including F1 and Rally, that suspension was a neglected part of the car, and is of as much importance as horsepower in improving performance.


This passion and focus on innovative design embodies EXE-TC to this day. Every aspect is built with the highest quality components. EXE-TC products dominate the field, the pinnacle of which in WRC, producing the most successful rally suspension ever.

EXE-TC's first major success came with developing rally suspension for the 2001 Championship winning team Prodrive, and the iconic Subaru S7 WRC. EXE-TC went on to develop suspension for the Citroen Sport team. Collectively EXE-TC has won nine WRC championships.


Since then, EXE-TC has developed competitive and performance enhancing suspension systems for a broad range of applications for Porsche, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Ford, as well as bespoke projects for many other vehicles.

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