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Servicing & Maintenance


Servicing can be carried out not only with us, but with many centres around the world. We offer a range of servicing on our systems; from simple inspections and oil/seal changes, to a full strip down and rebuild:

  1. Inspection - Dampers will be inspected and dynoed.

  2. Service - Replace consumable parts - Oils, seals, bushes etc. - brings dampers with general wear back to 'new' spec.

  3. Rebuild - Full 'nuts and bolts' rebuild; every component checked; for dampers that need complete refurbishment.

Wearable items such as bushes, seals, o-rings and oil are included in Service and Rebuild. Any additional parts will be an extra cost.

Contact us for more information.

Price List 2020

The following prices include labour and wearable items. Replacement of any other major components will incur an additional charge - contact us with any queries.

*For 1-way Single-tube struts - i.e. Classic Porsche - use 45mm / 1-way shock pricing

Motorcycle shock rebuild
Motorcycle shock dyno
Top Mount collection
Rallyraid Dampers 8
Small parts
Terry and Malcom
Rebound parts
Motorcycle shock 2
Nuts and bolts
CNC Knobs
Classic Porsche Rebuild
Motorcycle Shock

References/guides for maintaining your suspension.

For any additional information regards keeping your suspension in its optimum condition, please contact us.

Group N / R4
Modern Porsche
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