Miscellaneous Products

iPhone & Smartphone Camber Gauge

The most expensive component of any camber gauge is the electronic section, and most of us carry something capable of providing those measurements in our pockets every single day.

The EXE-TC Smartphone Camber Gauge tool accepts a modern smartphone into it's cradle, and the phone provides the measurements via our recommended app, whilst the tool fits against the vehicle's wheel for accurate camber results in seconds.


Spring Gaitors

Neoprene Spring Gaitors to help protect your dampers against gravel and dirt damage whilst allowing air to flow freely

T - Shirts

Top quality EXE-TC printed T shirts  - printing on the left breast and across the shoulders with a few having the special edition 'Graham Gleeson' memorial print on the right sleeve.

Chassis Alignment Kit

This is the most accurate way to check and set-up the alignment of your chassis. By boxing the entire chassis, allows you to measure all accessible points of the suspension, and reassure you that the alignment is consistent between all four corners of the chassis.

Manufactured from 6082 Aircraft spec aluminium, this CNC machined kit combines high accuracy from these lightweight components. Each kit is supplied with full instructions and measuring tools.

IMGP5677 Small