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Special Projects

Here at EXE-TC we offer a full consultation service for any and all aspects of your car/project, as so to reach its maximum potential. Using our large experience of many varied areas in engineering and motorsport, we would not only provide the necessary chassis upgrades for your project, but also the support you need to extract the most from it.

We oversee all aspects of design, manufacture, servicing, installation and testing under one roof. With new on-site CNC machines, we have reduce production time, while still maintaining our high standard of quality.


Although bespoke projects will be more involved than standard ones, we strongly believe that we can produce the product that your project needs. Contact us to speak with our team about what we can do for you today.

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Vallejo Splash
Clio N5
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JCB Dieselmax 2
2015 Ulster Rally, (5)
BMW 2002
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Bespoke Suspension Systems

Precise Hydraulic Damping

All our dampers feature friction low seals together with high flow hydraulics, reducing breakaway forces to a minimum. This gives a
damping system that dissipates energy from the first millimetre of movement and allows for a more compliant set up.


Rebound Hydraulics and Softer Springs

Give instant wheel release/drop out while still retaining control over the tyre movement. Adjustment is coupled to a temperature control valve to ensure consistency throughout the entire damping range, even through the toughest of conditions. This combined with the use of a lower spring / torsion bar rate, allows greater control over the movement of the sprung and un-sprung mass. When executed correctly, both tyre life and mechanical grip improve greatly, resulting in greater driver confidence and ride comfort.


Coating and protection

We know, from our many years experience in the World Rally Championship, that our suspension has to first and foremost, be reliable. We achieve this by continually pursuing the latest technology in surface treatments and coatings, ultimately producing a product that will maintain its functionality and performance. We carry this philosophy throughout our entire range of products.


Base Damper Configuration

Almost all of our current range uses a traditional base displacement damper, with either 40 or 45mm piston diameter and 1, 3 or 4-ways of adjustment. Piston diameter is the largest we can use, either constrained with packaging or regulation.



Always uses our 45mm piston.
- Many iterations will feature an aluminium cover tube for added protection
- Mounting options to chassis: Top Mount (either rubber or bearing) or Tie Rod Bearing
- Mounting options to upright/wheel: Bearing or Fork
- Reservoir (3-way): Piggyback or Remote Reservoir



Either using our 40 or 45mm piston with matching outer tube.
- Mounting options to chassis: Top Mount (either rubber or bearing)
- Reservoir (3-way): Piggyback or Remote Reservoir (either above of below the top mount)


Hydraulic Bump Stop - 4-way

Any 3-way adjustable damper with the 45mm piston are available to upgrade to 4-way. This feature a second piston that provides extra damping towards the end of the stroke, giving greater support from high loads/landings. Unlike traditional bump stop rubbers, HBS prohibits recoil which otherwise unsettles the vehicle.

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