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Chassis alignment kits now available from EXE-TC

This week we would like to announce that we have NEW string-line alignment kits available to purchase direct from us. These kits are hand machined from aluminium to a low tolerance, allowing for the most precise and reliable chassis setup tool available. They include everything that you need to be able to fine tune your cars alignment.

Over the years there have been many different approaches to measuring the alignment of the wheels on a car. None are more simple and effective as using a string-line method.

Two 'frames' hang off the front and rear of the car, providing a stable platform to accurately tension the string down each side. From here all four corners can be measured and adjustments made according to set up. Precautions are taken such as foam guards and Plasti Dip coated parts to prohibit damage to bodywork.

The entire set can be broken down into its component parts and stored easily; also allowing it to be easily transported. For more info see our Misc. Products

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