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Maintenance & Service


We often are asked about the maintenance that is optimal for your suspension to remain at it's peak performance.

Rally suspension; although more robust than that of a standard road cars, it will often need more maintenance, mainly due to the greater wheel travel needed (especially on rough terrain). The longer dampers used need to be made with a low tolerance. This improves performance, but can make it susceptible to the elements such as dirt and water.

Road & track suspension; similarly to the rally systems, road and track suspension will also require maintenance. This can be less frequent due to the lower travel and environmental conditions, but like anything that includes wearable parts, maintenance is key.

We would recommend that the dampers are kept relatively clean and inspected often. Over the years our designs have evolved to be more and more resilient to the varying conditions that they are put through, and the results have proven their worth time and time again, with It possible for a set to last years with regular maintenance over thousands of kilometres! For more info on what we recommend, click HERE

An example of this is our systems used by Tuthill Porsche on the East African Safari Rally. These dampers are designed for adverse conditions, using unique components to deal with the extreme conditions the competitors face. This would test even the most modern of off-road vehicles, yet our dampers will remain in-tact and perform at their best for the entire rally without the need to be replaced.


After many kilometres, the dampers will need a service. This cannot be avoided due to the use of perishable items in the damper (oil, o-rings, seals etc.). Although this can be a long time if regular maintenance and inspections are carried out.

We can offer different levels of servicing; ranging from a simple inspection and dynoed, to a full 'nuts and bolts' rebuild.

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