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Win for Matveev and Altechno in RDRC

Another success for the Althechno A1 piloted by Dmitry Matveev at the 3rd Stage of the Russian Drag Championships, held at Nizhny Novgorod on the 14th of this month. Although heavy rain halted qualifying early on the Saturday, some great times were set.

The AWD category was dominated by Dmity and the 1000+ bhp R35 GTR from the off. The car is the RDRC 2014/15 champion, and started by setting the quickest time in qualifying, at 7.86. Very respectable considering the conditions.

The semifinals and final consisted entirely of GTR's! All four cars where evenly matched, but it would be Dmitry who would come on-top, with Vladislav Kasheev in second, Stanislav Lunev in third and Konstantin Katynkin in fourth.

The next round of the RDRC will take place in the city of Grozny at Fortress Groznaya. We look forward to hearing of more success in the future.

“It’s great to win after you lost before: your feelings from the win are even stronger. Last season everybody thought that 1st places were very easy to me. The previous weekend has shown — it’s not that easy. Fortunately, this weekend we were stable and fast, we are happy with the car and will make our best in Grozny. Technically, we have all the chances. I am many points behind my opponents, but it the next stage is successful to us, I will be able to catch them up.”

- Dmitry Matveev

The Altechno A1 uses EXE-TC 3-way adjustable Circuit and Track dampers for R35.

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