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Updated 991 Dampers Now Available

Sent out this week. NEW updated Porsche 991 dampers.

3-way adjustable bespoke dampers with a progressive spring package, to maximise control and mechanical grip, while maintaining the comfort needed to give the driver the most confidence when behind the wheel.

This latest setup has been closely developed with Motorsport teams around the world, to deliver a product we are confident will be the best aftermarket option for the Porsche 991.

Both front and rear feature the latest in coating technology, so no matter what they go through, the damper will remain at it's peak performance. The rears feature Goodridge G-link hoses that allow the reservoir to be separated under pressure and reconnected once inside the vehicle, a necessity for any remote reservoir setup.

These are also available in road and track variants. Contact us and speak to one of our team today.

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