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Stunning win for Albatec and Rustad

All the hard work over the last few rounds has finally paid off... Rustad takes the outright win at the latest round of the Euro RX at the Biķernieku trase in Latvia this past weekend.

As in the last round, Albatec had a strong showing with three drivers entered, all fighting for a spot on the podium. Jérôme Grosset-Janin was in prime position to secure his second place in the championship (for the second year running), with Tommy Rustad and Andy Scott keen to push for what could be their best result of the season.

After the first day, all three drivers where in the top 12 going into Q3.

The beginning of day two and Q3 started off very wet, giving the cars a good clean before it dried out for the action later in the day. All three cars maintained their top 12 positions.

For Q4 the track would return to dry conditions, and to celebrate this, Rustad pulled off this awesome move on the first corner, with Grosset-Janin quickly following suite to get Albatec into a 1-2 by the second corner!

At the end of Q4, both Rustad and Grosset-Janin would go through comfortably to the semis, but unfortunately Scott had driveline issues and would just miss out on the last semi-final position.

Moving forward, the semi-finals where even more promising for the Albatec team, as both cars would take wins in each of the semis respectively!

Although Team boss Andy Scott went out before the semis, I'm sure seeing Tommy Rustad cross the line of the Final in first to take victory would more than make up for it! Along with this, Grosset-Janin would cross the line in fourth to take the second place in the championship.

Again, a huge congratulations from everyone here at EXE-TC, and we can't wait for the next round in Germany in a fortnight.

Images from Albatec Racing

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