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Great end of the season for L'Estage and Djordjevic

The final round of the Canadian Rally Championship was held at a new event for 2016, the Big White Rally.

True to its name, there was heavy snowfall prior to the event. This was made even more treacherous by the ice found just below the surface.

The conditions meant it was difficult for drivers to push the limits of their cars, giving the advantage to the most experienced. This again would be Antoine L'Estage with Darren Garrod at the helm of their 2015 Subaru WRX prepared by Rocket Rally. They took the lead from the beginning and where dominant throughout, securing the win and the championship!

'Winning the Big White Rally the first time it is a national event is a really good feeling. We area really happy to have won the championship title for Subaru at the last event, and now for Darren and I to clinch the driver and co-driver titles here. It’s been a good season with great support from Subaru, and the Rocket Rally team.' - Antoine L'Estage

Boris Djordjevic and Peter Brook had problems early on which saw them drop down the field. They where soon able to come back to second place by the end of the final stage, securing one of the best results of the season.

'It’s been a challenging year developing the team and the car. But it’s been a very rewarding year as well. We’ve learned a lot and really now are getting to the point where I feel like we’re ready to push hard next year' - Boris Djordjevic

Everyone here at EXE-TC would like to congratulate both teams and drivers on their fantastic effort throughout the season! We cannot wait for the 2017 season to begin!

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