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Another win for RMC in Spain

Last weekend saw the third round of the Spanish Gravel championship around the town of Arzúa. The Rally Terra da Auga was held over 111 Kilometers around the North-West region of the Spain, seeing cars crossing treacherous terrain both on the coast and in the heavy forests surrounding the area.

Dominating the rally and securing victory by 1:48 minutes, José Antonio Suárez and Candido Carrera took a comfortable win in their Peugeot 208 N5 Maxi Rally car prepared by RMC >>

Súarez faced stiff competition from different teams, with many in the same class being the more powerful R5 spec.

This result furthers Suárez's lead in the championship, going into the next round at Rallye de Tierra del Bierzo on the 1st and 2nd of July.

RMC Peugeot Maxi rally cars are equipped with our 4-way adjustable 'sliding bush' suspension on both gravel and tarmac. Contact us today for information on our current products and availability >>

Photos from RMC Facebook and eWRC

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