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More Rally-winning sets in for repair

This week saw suspension from two very successful cars from the European rally scene in for rebuild.

The first is a set from long-time partners of EXE-TC, Van Hoof Sport in the Netherlands.

For many years we have been working in conjunction with Van Hoof on various projects, mainly based on the Mitsubishi EVO platform. The most famous of their cars being this Group A EVO IV. Originally competing in the WRC in the mid-to-late 90's, this car is now being run in National events around the Netherlands and Belgium.

Last month the car competed in the Conrad Twente Rally in the Netherlands against modern R4 and R5 cars, where it took victory by over a minute! The suspension is now in for a well-earned rebuild and renovation. This also gives us an opportunity to update the suspension to the latest specification, and continue to help the team beat cars some 20 years it's junior.

Also in this week is a set from TEG Motorsport here in the UK. As featured on Arron Newby's Subaru N12 since 2013, reg: S12 TEG, this set is also in for a well-earned service and rebuild. These dampers have competed, and won multiple Manx and British Rallies, the latest of which being the Vale of York stages this September. This is also the same suspension Arron used to take the 2013 and 2014 Manx Championship.

As we send the suspension back, ready to race again, we wish both teams every success in the future.

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