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Toivonen & Past Racing make promising start to the 2018 season

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

The opening round of the European Historic Sporting Championship was held last weekend in Provence of Girona, North-Eastern Spain.

Rally Costa Brava saw an array of rally cars from various periods competing along 150 Km of rough and twisty tarmac.

Past Racing, based in Avilés, Northern Spain, prepared this particular Ford Sierra (Number 015) for the championship, with world-famous Finnish driver Harri Toivonen at the wheel, with co-driver Cedric Wrede.

A sixth place overall, and second in class means the pair are looking strong, and ready to fight for the title in the following seven rounds.

Two other cars prepared by Past Racing completed the rally, Cele Foncueva and David de La Puente finished 9th overall, while Joaquín Domenech and Rodrigo Sanjuan finished 17th.

We wish the drivers/co-drivers, Past Racing, and all others involved every success at the next round of the championship - as the competition heads to the Historic Vltava Rallye in the Czech Republic.

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