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Porsche 70th anniversary celebration at FoS 2018

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

2018 marks the 70th anniversary since the creation of the first Porsche 356, chassis 356-001. Since then the brand has climbed from strength to strength, and no better way to display its rich and illustrious heritage than a grand celebration in front of Goodwood house at the annual Festival of Speed.

As part of the main celebration, vehicles from major milestones in Porsche's history where present. Early 911 circuit cars, Le Mans prototypes and rally cars all took part in the parade up the hill towards the display on the concours in front of the house.

Two cars that featured in the both the display, and took to the rally stage/hillclimb, where two Tuthill-built 911's. The first being the recently crowned East African Safari Rally champion - piloted by (the aptly named) Ryan Champion. This car features our full 4-way adjustable Safari-spec system, as used on the EASR rally.

The second car being a 1965 2.0 Litre SWB circuit car, built by Tuthill Porsche for co-founder of Sports Purpose, James Turner, for the 2.0L Cup by Peter Auto - a historic FIA series that holds events at many of the major European circuits, including the Le Mans Classic. This particular car has been donned with a unique colour-scheme by British designer, Paul Smith.

Read more about the car and the build here >>

See also, head of Tuthill Porsche, Richard Tuthill taking to the hill in the SWB car.....

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