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Victory for Besner at Rally Bais de Chaleurs

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Last weekend saw a first-time victory for another privateer in the Canadian Rally Championship. Jean-Sébastien Besner and Yvan Joyal took outright victory at the Rally Bais de Chaleurs, the third round of the Canadian Rally Championship.

The 2-day rally took competitors through the forests surrounding New Richmond, Quebec, and would see competitors compete for over 18 stages, covering nearly 250 Km overall.

The pair, worked their way up the field consistently, ending the first day in first position - which is where they would stay until the end.

In third place came Boris Djordjević and John Hall - after many technical issues plagued the team, including retiring at the Rocky Mountain Rally in May, it was good to see Djordjević and his team back on the podium.

After transmission problems on the first day, Maxime Labrie and Anik Barrette where out of contention for the win - but still where able to show the crowds

Congratulations to Besner, Djordjević, and all the teams involved.

Next, the championship heads west, to the Rallye Défi in September, to compete around the stages in Montpellier, Quebec.

For more information, see the CRC website>>

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