Test Mules on display at Luftgekühlt GB

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

For the first time, the Luftgekühlt series of events comes to the UK for the first time. And on display was a very special Porsche...

Now with a large following, with its main event held in the Los Angeles area, every year all manor of road and racing aircooled (or luftgekühlt in German) Porsche vehicles come together for a celebration of both the heritage, and creativity of the brand. From early 356 prototypes to Le Mans-winning 935's, and everything in between, these events are proving to be the must-see events for everything air-cooled Porsche-related.

On display was on of the two early development mules for the latest collaboration between Singer and Williams Advanced Engineering. The dull-grey Porsche, with its 'tweaked' bodywork, and well worn finish, still vaguely resembled the 964 Carrera it first started life as.

As with the production vehicles, the test mule for the Design and Lightweight Study (DLS) also has all aspects of the powertrain and chassis lightened and improved in any way possible - all be it with a little more emphasis of form following function.

See the images below of the car on display at the Bicester Heritage site in Oxfordshire.

Images from the Speedhunters website >>

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