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Another amazing win for Tuthill Porsche at the East African Safari Rally

Again, Tuthill Porsche has shown a dominant win at the East African Safari Rally. Kris Rosenberger and Nicola Bleicher showed consistent pace through-out the event to win the rally just 1 minute 33 seconds ahead of another Tuthills-built car of former world rally champion, Stig Blomqvist, and co-driver, Jörgen Fornander, of Team Tidö Race4Health.

“Niki did a great job reading the notes and was on it the whole way. In our first stage today, we hit every bump – except the triple cautions – at full throttle and that just put us in front. We are so proud to win here in Africa: it is a dream come true. Many thanks to this wonderful team and to all of our friends and supporters!” - Kris Rosenberger

To read the full reports from the whole event, head on over to the Tuthills website here

Photos via the Tuthill website by McKlein Photography


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