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Kelly Moss: Porsche 911 "Willy" Safari

We just had to share this amazing build from across the pond at Kelly Moss Road & Race in Wisconsin. This super clean build is the ultimate all terrain vehicle, with everything from the giant wheels and tyres, to the all-new Motec ECU. Starting life as a 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera, since then no stone has been left unturned, with a meticulous attention to detail being placed over every aspect of the car - right the way up to the roof tent.

The full cage, along with our Classic 1-way adjustable inverted struts and shocks, allow for the ultimate in performance and reliability. And it needs it since deciding there’s only one way to test it, by placing a GT3 Cup Car on the roof!

For more information about the build, and more photos, head over to the Kelly Moss


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