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Rally Terra da Auga 2019

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Last weekend saw the fourth round of the Spanish Gravel Championship, the Rally Terra da Auga. The event was also host to the third round of the N5 Cup, hosted by RMC Motorsport.

Based around the port town of A Coruña, in the Galicia province of North-Western Spain, the cars ran over 115 Kilometers of stages through the rough, muddy terrain. Many fell victim to the harsh terrain.

Alfredo “Dedo” De Dominicis and Barone Maurizio piloted the Clio N5 to take an impressive class victory, and 8th overall - infront of stiff competition, both in the N5 catergory, and several R5 cars.

Also competing this weekend, the Vallejo brothers and the gravel-spec RGT car. Unfortuantely the car suffered accidental damage on the third stage, forcing them to retire.

We will see both the RGT and the N5 cars back at the Rally de Tierra Ciudad de Astorga next month, for the next round of the Spanish Gravel championship.

Both the N5 and RGT cars use EXE-TC 4-way adjustable suspension. Contact us for more information about this system today >>

See more of the action here:


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