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Rallye de Ourense 2019

The fourth round the N5 Cup saw the cars return to tarmac, this time as part of the Spanish national championship at the Rallye do Ourense, held in the Province of Ourense, North-west Spain, around the town of Esgos.

This was another great result for the N5 cars, with 3 cars in the top 10 overall standings, the highest of which being Alfredo Tamés, and Ramón Suárez, in the Ford Fiesta N5.

Congratulations to RMC Motorsport for another successful round of the N5 cup. For the next round, the cars will return to gravel at the Rally de Tierra Ciudad de Astorga later this month.

All of the N5 cars use EXE-TC 4-way adjustable suspension. Contact us for more information about this system today >>


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