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What they say about us.....

"The fundamental compliance is pretty eye-popping. The initial impression is that the body control is really quite loose, there are lots of little movements. But the moment you actually ask anything of the chassis - say, turning in, or leaning on the brakes - there's a control that you really wouldn't countenance based on the amount of superficial movement as you bimble down the road and that compliance.

cmoose - Pistonhead forum contributor >>

“Really happy to have EXE-TC dampers on the car for @esteringrx they make an already amazing car even more fun to drive and faster!! @albatecracing"

James Grint in his Peugeot 208 Rally Cross car on Twitter

"After 40 years of Porsche racing, EXE-TC is the first shock/spring package that really closes the gap between Pro and gentleman drivers!"

Ron Zitza - Former class winner 24 Hours of Daytona. Owner of Zotz Racing


"I'm currently on my way back from the Pyrenees and French Alps in the 996; absolutely delighted with the exe-tc dampers and setup! Truly sublime! My expectations were high, my hopes even higher and the outcome exceeded both!  Nothing wrongfooted the car - and I was giving it plenty of challenges!  Please feedback how delighted I am to Rob and the team."

CJ-2014 Porsche 996 GT3 RS

"I have driven on tracks and did PCA and other club racing for much of my life but now that I am officially retired I just drive for fun.  I often drive at Sebring, Florida and since a good lap time there requires negotiating bumps, changing track surfaces, patches, high curbs and rumble strips I was convinced that EXE-TC's experience winning several world rally championships could be the right solution to the 'floating' sensation I experienced with the stock shock absorbers and springs. Immediately they eliminated 'float', increased stability, and confidence.

The range of adjustment is considerable. There is also a stability advantage under heavy braking.

Having used other adjustable shock absorbers in the past I find these take the punishment without rebuilds and leaks that I have experienced with other designs. Overall these matched springs and shocks with a proper alignment are the best single thing to do to improve confidence and lower lap times"

Owen Johnson-2011 Porsche GT3

"The EXE-TC engineering philosophy translates into higher driver confidence on track..... especially on notably uneven racing surfaces like Sebring.  I'd never use anything else"

Rob Blake, 2010 Porsche Cup Car

"Once you have experienced the sophistication of the EXE-TC set-up you'll appreciate the gulf that lies between a good mass-produced built-to-a-unit-price damper and one that has WRC championship-winning DNA"

GT Porsche, November 2011

"My EXE-TC suspension inspires the confidence to drive my 997 Cup Car at more advanced levels while still being able to trust in my ability to control the car.  It eliminates the snappy character at the edge of adhesion and makes for a more progressive and smoothly predictable zone of control.  Even on rough tracks like Sebring"

Stuart Fain

"If you have a moment go and check our EXE-TC Facebook page and give them a LIKE!!  They are one of the premier racing suspension manufacturers in the World and I must admit they make an incredible product!  They have definitely taken care of us and have kept us going this season"

Nick Roberts-Global Rally Team, White Bear Lake, Minnesota - Subaru STi

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