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Sliding Bush Suspension Upgrade

For 2016, our Group N/R4 systems have been updated with the latest innovations in low wearing, low friction technology. Drawing from years from experience with Citroen and Subaru with the Roller Bearing system that brought us so much success, we now introduce a 'hybrid' system available for the typically fixed bush design.

Friction is minimised with a combination of cutting-edge materials and finishings, along with a design that maximises overlap between the guide bushes and the tubes. This ultimately leads to a reduced breakaway force and an increases in its structural rigidity, essential for any suspension used in this type of environment. Using this product allows for a great improvement in steering feedback to the driver, as well as a reduced variation in load on the tyre, allowing for greater overall mechanical grip.

The system has the flexibility of being modular McPherson style strut, allowing fitment to most modern cars with ease. The latest example of this is with the Albatec Racing Peugeot 208 RX. This system has not only been proven on Rallycross events, but rallying events also.

The most appealing aspect of this new design is that it is able to be offered at no extra cost over the previous design. If you already have a set of Group N/R4 suspension, it is possible to upgrade to a Sliding Bush system. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you today.

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