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Buick Skylark receives a unique upgrade

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Recently, EXE-TC undertook another custom project, this time for local Rugby star Alec Hepburn - who brought us his very special 1970 Buick Skylark Custom. From speaking to Alec about the areas in which he wanted to improve, the main goal would be to provide more stability and support over uneven roads and bumps. This was most apparent under heavy loads, where the car would bottom-out; not only damaging the car, but unsettling it also.

Once the design for the replacement dampers had been signed off by our engineers, the custom components where fabricated in-house, coated and onto final assembly. From necessity, the damper needed to not only mount to the original pickup points, but also include adjusters to fine-tune the damping characteristics.

The end result is a system that integrates seamlessly with the original suspension components, while utilising our unique damping hydraulics developed over many years.

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